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110 Years Story Contest

Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 11:16 am by Nikki

What an amazing Celebration we had to commenerate the 110 years Blochers has been in business!

As part of the celebration, we asked for stories about your experiences over the years! And wow, did you deliver! Below are our favorites but we appreciate everyone who shared their stories!! Thank you!

Story #1

One day I visited Blochers Jewelry when it was on Lawrence Aveune and had a wonderful experience. Let me set this up. My family had experienced a death in the family and so we were explaining to our young children that when someone dies and where they are. I explained that they go to heaven and how it is a peaceful and beautiful place up in the sky and someday we would all be togehter again in heaven. So, my children and I were in Blocher's about 4 weeks later to purchase a wedding gift. We went upstairs where all the Baldwin Brass, Blue Delft, Armatel, and so on were located. Climbing the stairs probably seemed like a huge trek for my then 4 year old son, however, when we made it to the top, he looked around in awe and asked me "Mommy is this Heaven?" I was amazed that he associated that lovely room with heaven...out of the mouths of babes...right!!! So when we came back downstairs I couldnt wait to tell Mrs. Ruth Rearic... She got tears in her eyes and came over and hugged my son. Then guess who else was filled with joy and teary-eyed. Everytime I went in the store she mentioned that day when my son thought heaven ws the upstairs of her store. Mrs. Rearic was a beautiful lady that was touched by MY son's beautiful mind and heart. Mary, she would be so proud that you are carrying on her legacy. Congratulations on your 110th Anniversary. 

Jacki Powell


Story #2

My Best Blocher's moment... At our daughter Katelyn's wedding rehearsal my husband, Bob surprised me with a pretty wrapped box. When I unwrapped it and saw the Blocher logo I cried and couldnt wait to open it. Inside was beautiful diamond hoop earrings in white gold. They were stunning. I put them on that day and wear them everyday. Diamonds go with everything! Thank you Blocher's for helping my husband give an unforgettable gift. I have recieved other pieces from Blocher's but those will always be special. Thank you for all the great years and many more to come. 

Alana Smiley 


Story #3

Dear Blocher's I want to thank you. I was stumped trying to find my wife a special gift to wear on my daughter's wedding day. It was going to be a special day and I wanted my wife to look stunning for the occasion. Your excellent staff helped me to make the right choice for that special gift. I must say to any man who is on the fence about making such a major purchase, take my advice. Diamonds seem to make a woman a bit naughty so if you would like an endless supply of @#$* do what I did, spend the money. You will not be sorry but you may be worn out. Thank you again Blochers.



Story 4:

I am the proud owner of a lovely ring that has been passed down through several generations of family on my mother's side. The ring has its main stone an opal, (which by the way is my birthstone) and its surrounded by six tiny pearls, all set in a beautiful, intricate, vinatge 18 karat gold mounting. My mother, who cherished this ring before me, said that this was her mothers wedding ring. This is where Blocher Jewelers comes into the story. Althought I have nothing to prove it, my mother told me that the ring was purchased at Blochers! You are celebrating the 110th anniversary of the advent of your great-grandfathers business enterprise in Ellwood City, PA. With the business opening in 1907 and my grandparents wedding date being November 24, 1909, it is certain that my grandfather was one of your great-grandfather's early customers helping him to get started on the long journey that has brought his businesss through 110 years. To add a little to the history of this ring, I wore it 22 years ago on September 30, 1995, as my "something old" on my wedding day when I married my best friend! I personally have been a customer of Blocher Jewelers for over 40 years!

Audrey Hinkle