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Blocher Jewelers' UPDATED Twelve Days of Christmas

Posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 9:45 pm by Hillary

Introducing Blocher Jewelers’ UPDATED Twelve Days of Christmas!

Who came up with all of those goofy gifts in the first place??  We decided to compile a list of what we REALLY want our true love to give us for Christmas. 

day_1.jpg Day One-  Partridge in a pear tree?  How about a pear shaped diamond instead?  This 2.52ct natural cognac diamond is much more desirable than a bird in a fruit tree, don't you agree?




day_2.jpg Day Two-  Turtle doves?  No, dove gray pearls are much better.  A necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings, how could you say no to these?





day_3.jpg Day Three-  Elle is French, right?  Instead of French hens, we bring you French high-fashion inspired jewelry.  Tres magnifique!





day_4.jpg Day Four-  I had to research what a 'colly bird' is:  (  We've got cardinals instead.  These ones are less annoying and much more functional.  Liven up your Christmas table with some dishes by Peggy Karr!




day_5.jpg Day Five-  Gold rings.  At least we agree on something!  We picked out one ring and two sets of earrings to meet the requirement.





day_6.jpg Day Six-  Do you know someone about to hatch--I mean give birth?  Instead of getting six geese a-laying, let's pick out a lovely push pendant from Juno Lucina to give the favorite pregnant person in your life!






day_7.jpgDay Seven-  What's with all the birds??  Pandora actually does have some swans a-swimming.  Pandora must love birds as much as the original songwriter did because they also have lovebirds, bluebirds, ducks, two different owls, a kiwi (is that really a bird?!), and a peacock.





day_8.jpg Day Eight-  If you have eight maids a-milking, you're going to have an awful lot of milk.  Where are you going to put it?  In a gurgle pot, of course!  Forego the maids a-milking and opt for a whimsical fish-shaped pitcher instead.






day_9.jpgDay Nine-  We'll settle for just one lady dancing instead of nine.  We also prefer that she is perched atop a silver jewelry box.





day_10.jpgDay Ten-  You would leap for joy if you received this gift in honor of the Lord's birthday:  a beautiful East2West diamond cross necklace.  What's better?  An entire case full of different cross pendants, rings, and bracelets!






day_11.jpgDay Eleven-  We are trading the pipers piping for a pair of champagne flutes.  (Ha ha, see what we did there?  Pipers?  Flutes?  Get it?  Maybe not…)  Anyway, these champagne flutes are guaranteed to make your next toast sound even more lyrical and grand.  Toast in the New Year with style!





day_12.jpgDay Twelve-  Twelve drummers drumming sounds more like a headache to me.  For the final day of gift-giving, we saved the best for last:  Heartbeat Diamond pendant.  This diamond is set in a state of constant motion and will dance to the beat of your heart.






And, of course, each of these lovely gifts can be found at Blocher Jewelers.  If you do go for the traditional route, we wish you lots of luck tracking down 50 musical theater students, 23 various birds, and a fruit tree.  We’ll be here for you when it is time to pick out the gold