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Getting the Engagement Ring… YOU Want

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 2:46 am by Mary


We all know you are a brat, but you know this choice is important. You think you’d be happy with the engaged to Mr. Right, but the engagement will need a little more finessing when it come to the ring. But trust us, he wants to understand what you want and will like. Before the grandmothers all unite and say that ring has nothing to do with love or marriage, let’s be practical: An engagement ring is a big investment, and unlike most jewelry that may go out of style over time. Your ring is the one piece that needs to be timeless.

Show Him a Picture

Make his search for the perfect ring easier by dropping the right clues. Cut a picture from a magazine of the six-prong solitaire that you love and glued it inside his wallet. Or just casually drop it.

Shop Together for the Ring

Try to be the practical one. You’d rather have a ring that suits your style than a big surprise. While walking past a jewelry store, casually express interest in stopping in and taking a look. Depending on the store, the salesperson will likely ask if you’d like to try anything on. A bolder option: Decide on a time to formally shop for rings together.

Have a Friend or Family Member Accompany Him

Consult the sister first if possible. Take a girlfriend or best married friend to provide the guidance and assistance you may need.

Ask for a Surprise

You like the surprise. No, you want the surprise. You want the Hollywood proposal, and he’s up to the challenge… let him put the pieces together for that special day. Mention your favorite settings, cut, color, and style in passing to make it clear to him what you like. Then hint to a special place, environment or occasion to make the moment special. I’m sure he has it all figured out. So relax.

Design It Together

You want something that he will never find? Research all the information on jewelry, stones, and metals and then take a ride to the store. If you both are ok with the tossing out the surprise, by all means, go for it together. You’re not into surprises, and although you don’t know exactly what you want, you do know that you want something one-of-a-kind.