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Pearl... Our 2016 Elf on the Shelf!

Posted on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 at 3:42 pm by Mary

So if you want to follow along with our beauitful and adventorous Elf on the Shelf, Pearl... This is the place! 

I will post an update on here everyday with a picture of what sh eis up too! 

Day 1 - Welcome to Blochers Pearl! 

Day 2 - We found Pearl in the Qudo case! Qudo is our new line from Germany... it's a collection of beautiful leather wrap bracelets and ring bases with interchangeable toppers! The rings come in silver, yellow gold and rose gold plated ring bases. Come in, look for Pearl and check them out!

Day 3- Sweet Pearl is zip-lining today!! We have too much fun at #blocherjewelers

Day 4- We're thinking Pearl wants a watch in her size from Blocher Jewelers! 

Day 5- Pearl is taking care of our repairs today! 

Day 6 - oh Pearl! Today she is gorging herself on candy!! #elfontheshelf #blocherjewelers #blocherbling

Day 7- We found a pearl in the rose garden!! #BlocherBling #BlocherBling

Day 8- Day 8- Pearl is loving that we have Ellwood and Riverside beads!! #ellwoodcity #riverside #pandora #elfontheshelf #blocherbling #blocherjewelers

Day 9- Lucky Pearl has a date tonight! Maybe he'll get her something nice from Blocher Jewelers!! #elfontheshelf #datenight

Day 10- Pearl brought us donuts from the North Pole!!! We love donuts! #elfontheshelf

Day 11- Pearl is lounging in our LaHolla section! We don't have many left and they are going fast! #elfontheshelf

Day 12- and it's Monday! Pearl is recuperating from the weekend with coffee! Lots to get done before Christmas! 🎄
#blocherbling #blocherjewelers #elfontheshelf