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The Journey of the Blocher Clock

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 3:31 pm by Mary

 After the 2016 Christmas season, we received an interesting message at the store. A jeweler from Gettysburg, PA had called to tell us about a clock he had found. It was inscribed with the name Paul W Blocher and after a little research he located our number and wanted to talk with us about it.

2017 just happened to be the 110th year in business for Blocher Jewelers and with Mary out of town the day the message came in, the staff came up with a plan. Peg reached out to the jeweler and asked for some more information about the clock.  He was excited to hear from us and said he’d email photos. We received the following email from Jim Michaels, owner of The House of Time in Gettysburg, PA...

This clock was actually a Christmas gift from my wife. I have been a watchmaker for over 50 years and love history and unusual horological items.

Back when this was made , about 1899, electric door bells where the "in" thing. The bell on the back of this clock works with about 10 DC volts.  I hooked up a toy train transformer, and it works like new. There is a switch on the side of  the base so you can turn it and off.  It may have been used a door bell or an alarm when a door was opened. The alarm clock is an Ansonia clock, most likely the best alarm clock you could get back then.  I have restored it to working condition. The clock has nothing to do with the electric bell.  I would guess it was there as a convenience, to the user.

As I said I really don't want to sell it, however I think it would be really cool to have it in your store as a display of your history. I would  sell it to you only. If  you have any old pictures of the store in Chambersburg I would love to see them some day. 

We were so excited. The staff and Erin decided we would go together and purchase this special piece for Mary as a 110th anniversary gift.

That is how the Paul W Blocher original clock made its way home to the Blocher Jewelers store in Ellwood City, PA.