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Ladies' Night Hors D'Oeuvres Recipes

Posted on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 8:04 pm by Hillary

Zucchini Bites

4 cups Zucchini, grated

1 cup Bisquick

1 small Onion, grated

3 Egg Whites and 1 whole Egg

¼ cup Olive Oil

¼ cup Parmesan Cheese, grated

1 t Salt

1 t Dried Parsley

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix all ingredients.  Spray 9” pie pan with Pam.  Pour in mixture.  Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown and toothpick in center comes out clean.


Multigrain Bread with Cheese, Pears, and Honey

1 large loaf Multigrain Bread

2 ripe Pears (any kind)

Asiago Cheese

Honey (to drizzle)

Slice bread into ½ inch slices.  Cut each slice into quarters and place on ungreased sheet pan.  Place in 350 degree oven, flipping once until crisp.  Slice pears and cheese to fit.  Stack:  bread, cheese, pear.  Drizzle with honey and serve.


Olive Tapenade

1 cup Green Pitted Olives (from Deli, not cans or jars)

1 cup Black Pitted Olives (from Deli, not cans or jars)

2 cloves of Garlic

1” of Anchovy Paste

Olive Oil to desired consistency

Add all but Olive Oil to food processor or blender.  Pulse to small chop.  Add Olive Oil.  Refrigerate overnight.


Bread-Stuffed Peppers

Small bag of Tri-Color Mini Peppers

6 slices of Italian Bread

½ cup Parmesan Cheese

6 eggs

Garlic Powder, Salt, and Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients but peppers.  Stuff into peppers and sauté in olive oil until stuffing is cooked and peppers are tender.


Chicken Salad

4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (boil with celery and onion)

3 stalks Celery

½ cup chopped Walnuts

½ c Raisins

2 Clementines

Sweet and Sour Salad Dressing (enough for smooth consistency)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Combine all and chill overnight.  Serve with crostini or croissants.


Cranberry Christmas Cake

3 Eggs

2 cups Sugar

¾ cup softened Butter

1 t Vanilla

2 cups sugar

12 oz Cranberries

With a mixer, beat eggs and sugar until slightly thickened and light in color.  Mixture should double in size.  Do not skip this step because it’s the only leavening.  Mixture should form a ribbon when beaters are lifted out of the batter.  Add vanilla and butter.  Mix 2 minutes more.

Spread in buttered 9x13 pan.  Bake 40 to 50 minutes until very lightly browned and toothpick near center comes out clean.  Cool completely and either glaze or sprinkle with Powdered Sugar.


Cranberry Pomegranate Sangria

1 fifth of White Zinfandel

4 cups Cranberry Juice

2 cups POM

1 cup Orange Juice

¾ cup Simple Syrup (¾ cup granulated sugar and ¾ cup water)

1 Apple

1 Navel Orange

1 Lemon

½ cup Fresh Cranberries

¼ cup Fresh Pomegranate

Sparkling Water

Combine all and chill overnight.


Slow Cooker Hot Apple Martini

1 cup Vanilla Vodka

3 cup Apple Juice

2 Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon and Sugar for glass rim

Pour Apple Juice into crockpot, cover and set on high for 2 hours.  Add Vodka and Cinnamon Sticks.  Turn crockpot to warm and serve with glasses rimmed with Cinnamon and Sugar mix.